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Family History
Mary Ruth



Our Family History


James Eugene Thurmon
July 23, 1889  - June 30, 1972


Ira B Wilson
September 29,1893  - November 29,1968

James Eugene Thurmon

                                                                                        Mr. Puckett, Gene and Roy  Gene and his brother, Ferd and his wife

                                                             Earl, friend of Earl's and Gene

James Eugene Thurmon is buried in Oakview Memorial Park near Alamo, TN next to his second wife, Agnes
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Ira B Wilson Thurmon

                      May, 1969              1962 Glendale        Glendale                                                                                  
1956 Mary Ruth, Ira, Melvin  -  Ira with Melvin's son, Scott -  Sannie, John, Ira

Ira B Wilson Thurmon is buried in Memorial Gardens near Newbern, TN

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                                                                                                Hattie Fostina "Mammie" Sykes Thurmond          Grave of Otha Thurmond

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The grave of my Great-Grandfather, Richard McBride Thurmond is behind the Zion Methodist Church in Elbridge.   Richard M. Thurmond is the father of James Eugene Thurmon.  Richard M. died of pneumonia in 1924. He was born July 12, 1861 in Virginia, (during the Civil War).  Buried beside him is Mary Sykes.  Mary was the mother of  Great-grandmother Thurmond, (Hattie).  She lived with Great-grandmother and Great-granddaddy four several months before she died in their home.  Hattie Thurmond died of a stroke while living with her daughter, Velma, in Dyersburg, Tennessee.  She is buried in the Fairview Cemetery in Dyersburg.  Born in Gibson County, Tennessee in 1872, she lived to be 80.


My Lineage

Great-Great Grandmother - Mary Sykes

            Great Grandmother - Hattie Fostina Thurmond

                        Grandfather - James Eugene Thurmon

                                    Father - Hurtle Green Thurmon

                                                Daughter - Martha Elizabeth Thurmon Helton

                                                            Son - William Abner Helton

                                                                        Child - Jaxon Ashton Helton


Melven V. Wilson was Ira B Wilson's father.  He was born in 1868 and died of a heart attack at his home in Churchton, Tennessee in 1930.  Before moving to Churchton, they lived at Maxey, TN where he was an Elder in the nearby Emmaeus Cumberland Presbyterian Church.  He is buried in the Newbern, TN Fairview Cemetery.


Mary Jane Elizabeth Wilson was Ira B Wilson's mother. She was born in 1857 and died April 21, 1942.  Her first marriage was to a Mr. Green with whom she had 2 children, Hurtle - born in 1881,  and Beulah - born in 1883.  After his death, she married Melven V. Wilson and they had the following family:

Vetra     born    November 11, 1889

Irma      born    September 29, 1891

Ira B      born    September 29, 1893

Sannie    born    August 24, 1895 (twin)

Rener     born    August 24, 1895 (twin)

John      born    April 4, 1989

Cullie    born    January 27, 1900

Mary Jane Wilson is buried by the side of her son, Hurtle Green in Antioch Cemetery near Union City, Tennessee.




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