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Mary Ruth


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 2015 - Now the Alpha and the Omega are left here on this earth. 
Parks (83) and Roy (100) remain of the Thurmon children



Oldest known picture of the Thurmond's       

As far as Mother (and Aunt Regina) knows, here's a "who's who" in the
picture.  The "Picker and Fiddler" on the left are Grandpappy Thurmond's
son's Ferd and L. R. (no idea what these initials stand for, but back then
it was not unusual to be named just initials) from his first marriage.  They
are Granddaddy Thurmon's half brothers.  Then there is Uncle Steve,
Grandpappy Thurmond, Granddaddy James E. Thurmond (this was BEFORE he
dropped the "D"!!!!), Aunt Mary and then our Great Grandmother Hattie
Fostina "Mammie" Thurmond holding baby Lela who, sadly, died shortly after
this picture was taken.  Directly behind Mammie Thurmond stands Aunt Lula
and that is Aunt Liddy Bea on the end.
What is Granddaddy Thurmond (Before he dropped the "D", remember?) holding
in his right hand?  Mel and I got the magnifying glass out and concluded he
might be "shouldering" a rifle, especially since Uncle Steve has one.  Or,
perhaps, he is holding a jacket over his shoulder.  What do ya'll think?
Another observation:  Look at the "smile/smirk" on our Granddaddy's face.
Now, is he CONFIDANT or WHAT?  To put it in perspective, look at the sober
looks on all the other faces.
Yes, Uncle Steve and Aunt Mary are cross-eyed!
This picture was probably taken on a Sunday.  Notice that every one is
wearing their "Sunday Best!"  Well, at least MOST every one.  Kinda looks
like Pappy Thurmond is wearing his work clothes.  Notice the "frayed"
britches legs and the work boots?  But, then, maybe this is all he had.  No
doubt he was a hard worker.  With EIGHT young-uns on the ground and more on
the way, he had no choice but to work hard!!!!  Mammie Thurmond is a very
sweet looking lady.  I understand she had a very low key disposition and
that she never as much as raised her voice to her children.  I remember
visiting with her in Dyersburg and have vivid memories of attending her
funeral in, I believe, 1952.
 from Glenn


Larry Parks Thurmon sent this to Glenn... I thought it was well worth sharing here.........

Marc Muench - The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People

 Sunday Dinner at Grandmother Thurmon's
Looks like a Norman Rockwell painting




Melvin and Earl


 Parks             J.E.              Hurtle             Melvin          Earl             Roy  


Wilma, Mary Ruth, Jewel, Angela, Regina



Thurmon Family Reunion in Dyersburg - October, 8, 2006

Top row - Left to Right:  Parks, Hurtle, Earl, Roy
Bottom Row - Left to Right:  Jewel, Regina, Mary Ruth, Karen

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Thurmon Family Reunion - Summer 2002



Click to Enlarge                      Zion Cemetery near Elbridge, TN

Did you know??

The grave of my Great-Grandfather, Richard McBride Thurmond is behind the Zion Methodist Church in Elbridge.   Richard M. Thurmond is the father of James Eugene Thurmon.  Richard M. died of pneumonia in 1924. He was born July 12, 1861 in Virginia, (during the Civil War).  Buried beside him is Mary Sikes.  Mary was the mother of  Great-grandmother Thurmond, (Hattie).  She lived with Great-grandmother and Great-granddaddy four several months before she died in their home.  Hattie Thurmond died of a stroke while living with her daughter, Velma, in Dyersburg, Tennessee.  She is buried in the Fairview Cemetery in Dyersburg.  Born in Gibson County, Tennessee in 1872, she lived to be 80.

Notice that the "d" was still in our name until James Eugene decided to remove it!  Granddaddy was the only one of the six Thurmond boys who dropped the "d".   Uncle Roy's son, James Earl, has gone back to the original spelling of our name - If you look him up - it's James Earl and Judy Thurmond.     MTH


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Grandmother - summer of 1961 at Glendale-she was 67 years old


Granddaddy - August 20, 1955 - 65 years old





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